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Lost and Found Pets

Alaska Mindful Paws staff takes reports on lost and found animals in Homer both over the phone and at the

shelter. Reports are kept in the LOST ANIMAL file in the shelter office.

All animals brought into the shelter (either by Animal Control, the Homer Police or Good Samaritans) are

checked for identification, including scanning for a microchip. Staff will attempt to contact

owners or the agency that issued the rabies tag or microchip in order to return the animal to

its home as quickly as possible. Animals must be held for a minimum of 5 days before

releasing them for adoption or transfer to one of our rescue partners.

We will advertise the found pets on the Alaska Mindful Paws Facebook page with a “Do You Know

Me?” post and photo. As much as possible, staff and volunteers will also check groups on

Facebook to try to match up lost or found pets. We will also try to accommodate requests to

advertise lost pets on our Facebook page. Space is available on the bulletin board at the

shelter for people to post flyers about their own lost pets.

When an owner of an animal is found, they are required to fill out an Owner Redemption

Form, which includes providing proof of ownership. Impound and boarding fees as stated by

the Homer City Code will be charged upon redemption.

Tags & Microchips

We have found that many pets would not have come through the shelter and/or found their way home faster if they had some sort of identification. We understand accidents happen or pets have a way of getting out of their collar or losing their tags that is why a microchip is a good back up. It is very important to have identification on your pet always.  Collars with identification are you pets’ fastest ticket back to you should they become lost. Customized tags can be made at the shelter for a small fee.


If you have a missing pet call the shelter to report. We have a Lost & Found binder that we record all incidents in. We will ask you simple identifying questions about your pet so if found we can identify.  If we come across your pet whether brought to shelter or a citizen calls reporting a found pet we can make the connection, avoiding the shelter and fees.


Tips and Resources
Take Action to Find Your Pet
  • Ask family, friends, and neighbors to help you search for your pet as soon as you realize your pet is missing.

  • Be sure to check around your yard and under your deck.

  • For a lost indoor-only or timid cat, think like a cat and look at every hiding spot possible in your yard and your close neighbors. Lost cats will remain hidden and quiet. Search your house and yard immediately. Lost cats tend to remain hidden and very quiet and a lot of times right around the house.

  • Walk, bike, drive, or jog through your neighborhood every day and more than once to look for your missing pet.

  • Place clothing, toys, litter box, and other items familiar to your pet outside in your yard where she/he might smell them.

  • Put signs around the neighborhood or area where your pet was last seen. Include a photo and description of your pet, your phone number, and when your pet disappeared. Make sure you have voicemail set up to take any messages.

  • Call your veterinarian. Your pet’s rabies tag number can be traced to your veterinarian.

  • If your pet is microchipped, contact the microchip company and have them put a “lost or stolen” alert on the pet’s microchip so that if it is scanned by a shelter or veterinarian, they will know that a concerned owner is looking for that pet.

  • Place “Lost Pet” ads in your local newspapers and websites. These show you’re actively looking for your pet, in case someone else claims it. Check the “Found Pets” ads in your local newspapers every day.

  • If permitted, post your flyers at businesses in your area. In your flyers and ads, offer a reward, if possible.

Important Tip: 

For your neighborhood posters and newspaper ads, leave out one identifying feature in your pet’s description, such as a splotch of color on the nose or extra toes. This protects you from pet-recovery scams and is a sure way of verifying that someone definitely found your beloved pet.



If you should come upon a lost pet check for any identification if none, call the shelter and we will check our lost reports. It is good to check Facebook as many people post lost and found pets. We will gather information about the found pet in case the owner calls. If no luck finding the owner you can bring the pet to us. The first thing we do upon intake is scan for a microchip. We will post pictures on Facebook of the found pet. We will hold an animal for five days. If after the five days no one comes to claim them, we will prep the pet for adoption.

Tags & Microchips
Tips & Resources
Alaska Mindful Paws Homer Animal Shelter
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